June 2019

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Grants & Contracts Accounting

Topic Highlight: Online Training Opportunities

National Institute of Health (NIH) has a podcast that contains useful information for team members, new research administrators, and anyone who would like a refresher. New Principal Investigators in your areas may find this beneficial as well. Copied below, you will find a link to their “All About Grants” podcast. Enjoy!

National Institute of Health (NIH)’s All About Grants podcasts:

NCURA YouTube Tuesday has a variety of short training videos. This month, we will be highlighting the videos on audits. The links are provided below. Thank you.

Grant Closeout- FPIOPOF (Banner Screen)

As a part of the closeout process, we request your assistance with pulling the FPIOPOF (Open Purchase Orders) screen in Banner to ensure all purchase orders are closed. This screen allows users to enter in the fund, org, and/or index number to retrieve a listing of open purchase orders. The data presented will include a listing of open purchase orders by number, vendor, commodity, commodity description, unit price, and etc. Departments can also export this information to Excel by selecting “Tools” in the upper right hand corner and then “Export” from the expanded list presented.

Grant Transfers To The University

If you are currently working with another institution on transferring an award to the University, you may find it beneficial to request the following data below from the institution. If there were subawards, then an inquiry regarding the status of these should also be completed and all of their invoices should be marked final (for that institution) prior to the Sponsor approved transfer. This process may also involve the use of the advance index request form. The link to our advance index request form (if needed) is copied below.

Advance Index: https://controller.vcu.edu/media/controller/uco-pdfs/pdfs/GCBannerNumberRequest.pdf

Listing of Items:

  • Last submitted FFR or financial report that was approved by the Sponsor
  • Cumulative expenditures thru (the last month end)
  • Cumulative expenditures to date
  • Payment Management History Report (if NIH, DOS, NASA, or etc.)
  • Payment Management History Report Payment Detail Report (if NIH, DOS, NASA, or etc.)

NIH - Other Transaction Instrument Type

Banner was recently tested and updated to include “Other Transaction” as a new grant type. This will help the University be prepared when we start receiving this type of agreement or instrument.

Communications Request

As we continue to cover the portfolios previously managed by former accountants, you will begin to receive more correspondence by other team members within G&C. We request your assistance when communicating, that the grant ID, index, and/or fund code is added to the subject line of inquiries sent to gcavcu@vcu.edu. This will help us to route the inquiry to the appropriate person and/or team.

Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Year-End FY19

June 21st (2:00 PM) will be the last day for G&C to create new funds and orgs for FY 2019.

Current And Upcoming Effort Reporting Deadlines:

  • The Spring Semester Term (12/25/18 to 05/09/19) will be released on 06/15/19, and certifications will be due by 08/14/19.
  • The certification period for the Third Quarter Term (12/10/18 to 03/09/19) was released on 04/15/19, and certifications are due by 06/14/19.

Past Effort Reporting Deadlines:

Outstanding certifications for the following periods are overdue:

  • The certification period for the First Semi-Annual Term (06/10/18 to 12/09/18) was released on 02/22/19, and certifications were due by 04/21/19.
  • The certification period for the Fall Semester Term (08/10/18 to 12/24/18) was released on 01/22/19, and certifications were due on 03/21/19.

Please encourage your certifiers with outstanding statements to certify as soon as possible, and please process any certified statements you may have in your queue. Our office continues to follow up on these as well.

New Build Deployed In ECRT

After comprehensive testing was completed, a new build was deployed in ECRT on May 21, 2019. The purpose of the build was to improve some functionality in the system.

Effort Reporting Staffing Update

Juliette Highland, Effort Reporting Supervisor, has accepted another position at the university. Her last day in Effort Reporting is June 7, 2019. We are appreciative of her contributions to G&C and the VCU Research Community, and wish her much success in her future endeavors. If you have any questions or need assistance with Effort, please feel free to contact Effort Reporting at effortreport@vcu.edu.

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Procurement Services

RealSource Training Classes

Additional RealSource Hands On Training classes have been posted to the RealSource website. Click here to view the schedule and register. https://realsource.vcu.edu/news--events

Department Transaction Report – Reminder

Corpcard updated the Department Transaction Report in 2016 to reflect the implementation of GL Allocations. The old report contained the column “Amount,” and the new report contains the column “Item Price.” Item price accurately shows the amount allocated to each index in the event of a split allocation.

Recently cardholders have stated they are still receiving the old report. Instructions to check for and/or remove reports is available in our Travel and Corporate Card Document Library.

Please contact Corpcard@vcu.edu with questions.

Updated P-Card Application

The Procurement website now contains the updated Corporate Purchasing Card Agreement. The agreement no longer contains terms and conditions associated with eVA. Effective immediately, Corpcard will not accept out of date applications.

PCO Information

Cardholders are no longer required to enter PCO’s. Departments who need to retrieve or view old PCO’s for audit purposes can pull them from the eVA transparency site under “Public Reporting.” No login or password is required. Also, the segment “GL05: Amazon PCO #” will be removed from Works at the end of the June cycle. BOA will retain the information entered in this segment in accordance with State Records Retention Requirements.

Please contact Corpcard@vcu.edu with questions.

BOA Works Updates

Bank of America has made several updates to the Works application. Corpcard requests that all users clear out their cookies and temporary internet files as soon as possible to ensure Works is functioning correctly. This will assist with any login issues.

Also, please remember that Works is optimized for Firefox and using Google Chrome may cause errors in reporting and/or functionality.

Updated Year-End Calendar

The year-end calendar, which was updated May 29th, is provided below for your assistance.


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