July 2018

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Controller’s Office

Early Terminations of Award Agreements and/or Awards Ending Earlier:

We request your assistance with providing central offices (G&C and OSP) with early termination notices received from Sponsors. In addition, we appreciate your assistance with alerting central offices (G&C and OSP) of awards that will be ending early. When forwarding notices to the central office email addresses (ospaward@vcu.edu and gcavcu@vcu.edu), please include both the funding proposal number (FP#) and the grant ID.

Advance Index Requests

In order to best assist you with your grant establishment needs, the entire Advance Index Request form must be completed. When in doubt, please feel free to reach out to your assigned grant accountant and/or G&C Helpdesk at 804-828-8104.

In efforts to improve the create process using Advance Index Request, two reports were recently created. These reports are now available under the Finance folder (VCU Reporting Center). The “Subdepartment Report” contains the predecessor org by department and/or MBU. The “Active Grant List with Program−FACR−IDC Codes” contains indirect cost information.

90 Day Notices and System Alerts

90 Day Notices and other related alerts are sent directly to the Fiscal Administrator (FA) of record. In some cases, the individual completing certain processes may not be the FA of record. In these cases, we request your assistance with forwarding to the appropriate person(s) who will be completing the process. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Indirect and Billing (Revised Schedule for July 2018)

Due to the new budget model, new FACR distribution percentages are scheduled to be loaded into Banner on July 2nd. Thus, in efforts to allow for adequate review, we will be delaying the deferred and billing processes to the second week of July. If you have questions regarding your individual index/fund, please feel free to contact your assigned grant accountant and/or G&C’s Help Desk at 804-828-8104. We appreciate your understanding.

Effort Reporting

Your assistance is needed with current and upcoming Effort Reporting deadlines:

  • Quarterly certifications for the 12/10/17 to 03/09/18 period were due by 06/14/18. Please encourage your certifiers with outstanding statements to certify as soon as possible, and please process any certified statements you may have in your queue. Our office continues to follow up on these as well.
  • Semester certification period 12/25/17 to 05/09/18 was released on 06/15/18, and certifications are due by 08/14/18.
  • Quarterly certification period 03/10/18 to 06/09/18 will be released on 07/15/18, and certifications will be due by 09/14/18.
  • Semi-Annual certification period 12/10/17 to 06/09/18 will be released on 08/22/18, and certifications will be due by 10/21/18.

The ECRT URL Is Changing

Please update your bookmarks! The ECRT URL is changing to https://go.vcu.edu/ecrt. The official cutover date is July 6, so you can use the old link until that time. After that, it’s Go time!

Thank You!

On behalf of G&C and Effort Reporting team, thank you for your continued partnership in post award matters. It is truly appreciated. Thank you!

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Procurement Services

Personal Reimbursement Policy Update

The former Personal Reimbursement Policy was revised in accordance with "Creating and Maintaining Policies and Procedures" and approved by the VCU Cabinet on June 25, 2018.

This policy is now titled Reimbursable Business Expenses, and can be found in the Policy Library under Finance Policies > Procurement and Payment Policies.

https://policy.vcu.edu/sites/default/files/Reimbursable Business Expenses.pdf

Policy Revision: Reimbursable Business Expenses

The university recognizes that employees, non‐employees and students may incur irregular or emergency expenses while conducting official university business. Whenever possible, small dollar purchases of $5,000 or less should be placed on a corporate purchasing card (P‐Card). In situations where a P‐Card is unavailable, VCU will reimburse individuals for allowable expenses through the personal reimbursement process. Employee personal reimbursements may not exceed $2,000 per reimbursement nor include Virginia-based taxes.

Reimbursement for these expenses should be requested through Chrome River using the Personal Reimbursement expense category. The full Reimbursable Business Expenses policy is available in the Policy Library: https://policy.vcu.edu/sites/default/files/Reimbursable Business Expenses.pdf Questions? Please email travel@vcu.edu.

Car Rental Update

When booking a car rental with Enterprise, National or Hertz for University-business related travel, please be sure to use the contract numbers located on Procurement Services' website:


This ensures that travelers receive our negotiated rate as well as benefits such as CDW coverage and tax exemption for rentals originating within the state of Virginia. Our rates with our contract vendors are also available through Christopherson Business Travel.

Effective July 1, Travel Services began deducting state sales and rental taxes from reimbursement requests, regardless of rental agency used. Travelers may request a refund if taxes were paid by contacting the locating the car rental originated.

Employees are reminded to only use the contract numbers located on Procurement Services' website for business related travel. There are separate contract numbers available through Human Resources for personal travel, which offer employees the discounted rates.

If you have any question, please contact us at travel@vcu.edu.

More Information, Please!

When emailing Travel Services regarding expense reimbursements, moving & relocation payment requests, or food/travel related invoices, please provide any pertinent information such as expense owner name, report ID, non-employee name & V#, PO number, vendor name, or employee seeking M&R information. By providing this information, it allows Travel Services to assist all departments more efficiently and reduces the time required to resolve an issue. Please contact travel@vcu.edu with any questions or concerns.

Travel & Reimbursement Training

Travel Services will soon be scheduling fall 2018 Travel & Reimbursement Training including Policy, Chrome River and Christopherson. Please watch the FA Newsletter in August, as well as your Chrome River welcome panel for dates and registration information.

SWaM Vendor Listing - Coming Soon!

The Office of Procurement Services will begin providing a listing, updated on a monthly basis, of DSBSD Certified Small, Women-Owned, and Minority (SWaM) vendors. The listing will allow users to search for commodities offered by these vendors, and identify sourcing options for supplies and equipment at VCU. The listing will empower departments to increase their spend with SWaM vendors, which is encouraged by Virginia's Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity, and intended improve supplier diversity at VCU.

We will announce the listing in a separate communication once the listing is available.

SWaM Event Coming In December

VCU will be hosting a Small, Women-Owned, and Minority (SWaM) event with local and area vendors offering commodities used by VCU departments. This is a chance to connect with local registered SWAM vendors that supply commodities your department may frequently use, and is intended to connect VCU departments with more diverse sourcing options.

We are excited to announce that the event is tentatively scheduled for December 4, 2018, but stay tuned for forthcoming details and an official announcement with final dates.

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