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Use a P-Card to Book Travel

The P-Card may be used for booking air and rail travel. P-card reviewers should contact Corporate Card Services at to request an increase to the card's monthly and transaction limits and/or to have the airfare and rail restrictions lifted. Reviewers may also want to check and determine whether any additional internal departmental approvals are required. P-Card purchases for air and rail travel do not need to be entered in eVA.


  • Travel Cardholders should use the P-Card to charge air and rail expenses rather than the Travel Card.
  • The P-Cardholder is the only person authorized to use the card. If the cardholder will be away from the University for an extended period, another person in the department should obtain a card.

Step by Step

  1. Request a P-Card Limit Increase and Lift Air/Rail Restriction or Obtain a P-Card

    P-Card reviewers should contact to request an increase to their P-Card limits (transaction and monthly) and/or to have the airfare and rail restriction lifted. Please provide the following information:
    • Cardholder’s name and last four digits of the P-Card
    • Amount of the transaction/monthly limit increase

    The general guideline for the transaction limit increase is as follows:

    Travel Type     Transaction Limit          
    Domestic $2,500
    International $10,000
    Group    Consult with Corporate Card Services  
  2. Complete Travel Authorization 

    A copy of the approved travel authorization and travel itinerary to validate charges should be sent to the P-Cardholder for online reconciliation. Supporting documentation should reflect the actual charges incurred.

For More Information

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