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Understand Methods of Payment

Authorized business-related travel expenses may be paid by the University through various payment methods dependent on the nature of the expense.

Methods of Payment

View Use A P-Card to Book Air and Rail Tickets.

Travel Reimbursement
Travelers may pay for travel expenses and get reimbursed for those expenses that were authorized, reasonable, and for business purposes only.

Individual Travel Card
The Travel Card is issued to employees who incur significant travel related expenses as part of their regular job duties. The card is to be used for valid business expenses. The Travel Card and Travel Cash Advance privileges will be revoked if personal purchases are made. See Request a Travel Card for detailed information.

The Travel Card application is a contract between the employee and the card provider. The Travel Card is an individual liability payment card account which is tied to cardholders’ personal credit. Employees are liable for all authorized charges made on the card, and the account will show on cardholders’ credit reports. As such, the employee is responsible for payment of the monthly bill each month regardless of whether they have received reimbursement for travel expenses. Failure to pay the card provider in a timely manner will result in card cancellation.

Travel Cards are issued with standard limits of $2,500 of total credit per billing cycle, of which $250 is available for cash advance. Since the card is tied to the employee’s personal credit, not all applicants will be approved for standard limits. However, qualified applicants will be approved for no less than $1,000 of total credit per cycle with $100 available for cash advance.

Travel Advance
Travel advances may be issued to University faculty and staff to pay for hotel rooms, car rental, food and incidental travel expenses. See Request a Travel Advance for detailed information.

Purchase Order (also called Direct Bill)

Purchase Orders (EP) can be used to pay for lodging (if accepted by the hotel) and conference registration fees. Payment will be made 30 days after the event/stay.

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