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Get Reimbursed Through Chrome River

VCU travelers who paid for pre-authorized, business-related travel expenses with personal funds may be reimbursed in accordance with policy. Reimbursement requests should be submitted within 30 days from return of travel. All reimbursement requests must be accompanied by receipts and/or supporting documentation. Failure to include any required documentation may unnecessarily delay the reimbursement.

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Step by Step

  1. Collect All Receipts and/or Supporting Documentation


    Although not all-inclusive, the following information is required for expense reimbursement and must be submitted:

    • Reason for travel and any unusual fees such as charges for changing reservation/ticket 
    • Internet confirmation pages of expenses if online methods were used to procure services (If a Boarding pass is not available, itinerary and proof that the trip was taken is required)
    • Reason for business phone calls or facsimiles
    • Itemized receipt for lodging or comparative statement if alternative lodging is used (i.e., apartment)
    • Itemized receipts for business meals and overtime meals.
    • Final itemized vehicle rental and gas receipts
    • Approval for use of private  or State-owned aircraft 
    • Receipts required if claim for the following expenses is more than $25:
      • Taxi
      • Shuttle
      • Metro
      • Limousine
      • Parking
      • Tolls
      • Airline baggage fees
      • Business Center (i.e. fax, printing)
      • Telecomm (i.e. phone calls, Internet)
      • Laundry
      • Registration Fees
      • Miscellaneous

    Generally, credit card statements are not sufficient documentation to support the reimbursement of travel expenses.

    Missing Receipts

    If a receipt is missing altogether, the traveler must provide proof of payment in the form of a credit card statement or copy of front and back side of cashed check and submit a written memo detailing why the receipt is not available.

    If a receipt is missing and proof of payment is not available, expenses must be charged to local funds and approved by the VP.

    If a situation arises in which an itemized receipt is not available for a business meal, a written explanation stating whether or not alcohol was purchased is required.

    • If alcohol was not purchased, the amount may be placed on state funds 
    • If alcohol was purchased, the entire amount must be placed on local funds
  2. Submit the Reimbursement through Chrome River with Receipts and/or Supporting Documentation   

  3. Read Chrome River FAQs

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