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Buy Technology Hardware and Software

In order to satisfy a majority of our routine computing requirements, Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) establishes contracts for hardware and software. The contracts include many common hardware and software items and the use of the contracts will greatly reduce your order processing time. There are also contracts with theVirginia Association of State College and University Purchasing Professionals (VASCUPP) for computer hardware, software and information technology services. 

All E&G or Auxiliary funded Information Technology (IT) procurements above $50,000 must have VCU IT Governance approval prior submitting the procurement to University Purchasing. University Departments must request approval for the purchase through the VCU IT Governance process. Additional IT Governance information and approval request forms are available at

Step by Step


  1. View Contract Number and Pricing

    The contract number is UVA-VC-0501-009.

    To access the online Apple Store for Education Institutions use the instructions below. It's simple, secure and customized for your needs.

    1. You can begin by logging in to
      (you can bookmark this page for quick access)
    2. Choose your country
    3. To maintain a secure environment, all new users must register for access to the store. This is a simple process. Please visit to register. You will receive a response within 24 hours.
  2. Purchase and Payment

    In order to best leverage this new tool with eVA purchasing processes, please choose to become a "registered proposer". Registered proposers have the ability use a PCard to purchase inside the new Apple online store. Please make sure this aligns with VCU procurement policies and eVA requirements. After signing in you'll notice the ability to create and save carts, order by part number, and you can quickly create proposals and quotes that can be entered into eVA.

    In addition, faculty, staff and students may use the contract for personal purchases. Prices are the same for institutional or personal purchases; however, faculty, staff and student purchasers will be required to pay any sales or use tax required under state or local law.

  3. Apple Contact Information

    To obtain product information and pricing available please contact the VCU Apple Sales Representatives.

    Christi Tucker-Martin
    Inside Account Executive
    Apple Higher Education
    Phone: (512) 674-6551

    Jack Burns
    Account Executive
    Apple Higher Education
    Phone: (804) 615-1209

    Jayson Bevins
    Systems Engineer
    Phone: (301) 332-8534

    Aaron Davis
    Systems Engineer
    Apple Higher Education
    Phone: (301) 529-3592


  4. Apple Educational Video

    There is also a short video to assist you in becoming more familiar with the new features and layout of the new Apple online store at:

    HD (54.4 MB)
    SD (13 MB)


  1. View Contract Number and Pricing

    The contract number is UVA845196.

    To purchase Dell computer hardware, departments at VCU can access a Virginia Association of State College and University Purchasing Professionals (VASCUPP) contract with Dell Computer.

  2. Purchase and Payment

    Up to the $10,000 Departmental Delegation, orders may be purchased using a University purchase order or a P-Card may be used for orders up to $5,000. If the order is over $10,000 an eVA requisition must be sent to Purchasing for processing.

    Using the eVA Dell PunchOut catalog allows Purchasing to process the purchase order expeditiously; and since the PunchOut catalog routs the purchase order to Dell Customer Service using XML technology, transmitting the purchase order to Dell is accelerated, as well. To streamline the ordering process for Dell VASCUPP contract orders, there is a PunchOut catalog in eVA that facilitates sending requisitions to Purchasing. To access the VCU Dell PunchOut catalog, type “dell - punchout” in the Key Words search field on the add items screen of your requisition. Use the “Search” button to bring up the PunchOut catalogs and scroll down to “Dell for Virginia Commonwealth University” and click on this phrase to bring up the PunchOut catalog. At this point you may enter the requisition by either configuring the required system and obtaining a Dell eQuote or accessing an existing Dell eQuote by keying in the email address of the person at VCU that saved an eQuote. Dell builds each system based on the information in the eQuote. Please indicate in the description section of the requisition that the order is a Dell PunchOut catalog request.

    • The contract number (UVA845196)
    • Your purchasing contact name and telephone number
    • The Dell product number and configuration
    • The quantity ordered
    • The contract (discounted) unit price
    • The extended line item amount
    • The purchase order total amount
    • The quote number
  3. Dell Contact Information

    VCU sales representative
    Michael A. McCarthy
    Inside Sales Representative III | Virginia Public
    Dell EMC | NA East Commercial Sales
    Phone: 512-513-0684

Lenovo (VITA)

  1. View Contract Number and Pricing

    The contract number is VA-090202-LEN.

    To purchase Lenovo desktop and laptop computers and peripherals, departments at VCU can access the Commonwealth of Virginia state contract with Lenovo for very reasonable pricing.

    To access Lenovo technical and pricing information visit the VCU Lenovo store and login. The first time you login, please set up your personal login using account #1026670 and your VCU email address. After completing the registration, a password will be emailed to you.

    Special pricing for VCU is available for standard contract configurations. The standard configurations include both a low-end and high-end desktop and laptop computers. To ensure that the technology available on the contract is current, the standard configurations are periodically revised. All the other products on the current Lenovo state contract are available at discounts off list price.

  2. Lenovo Contact Information

    Name: Gregory Scearce
    Phone: (804) 416-6166
    Fax: (804) 416-6361
    Address 1: 11751 Meadowville Lane
    City: Chester
    State: VA
    Zip Code: 23836

Microsoft (VITA)

  1. View Contract Number and Pricing

    The contract number is VA-070907-SHI.

    Departments at VCU can access the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) Microsoft Education Select Master Agreement for Microsoft licenses and media. Licenses are available for desktop applications, operating systems and server applications. If required, media and documentation may be ordered in addition to licenses.

    The Microsoft Education Select Program provides access to the most current version of MS Office or MS Office Professional. To license earlier versions of Office or Office Professional, purchase the software assurance license. With the software assurance license, you purchase the right to upgrade the existing license to the most current version, or downgrade to a lower version of same product.

    The contractor for the State Microsoft Academic Select Agreement is Software House International (SHI). To obtain a price quote, please email or call the SHI sales team.

    A license must be purchased for the number of computers that run the software. To load the software on a computer, purchase the CD for the license from the price list. Only one set of media is required for any number of licenses. To load the software from a single set of media on multiple computers, a Select Product Key is required. SHI shall e-mail an order confirmation for the number of licenses purchased and the VCU Select Product Key to the VCU email address on the purchase order. Contact the SHI account representative if you do not receive an email within three to five days after placing the order. In rare circumstances you may need to contract the VCU Agreement Technical Administrator, Buddy Bishop, to obtain the Select Product Key or to request permissions for the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) at (804) 827-5154 or

  2. Purchase and Payments

    All purchase orders must include the following information. Departments using the Corporate Purchasing Card to pay for the purchase must verbally provide the same information to the SHI sales representatives:

    • The Contract Number VA-070907-SHI
    • Your purchasing contact name, telephone number and email address
    • Microsoft product number and description (from the appropriate price list)
    • Quantity ordered
    • Contract (discounted) unit price
    • Extended line item amount
    • Purchase order total amount
  3. Microsoft Contact Information

    Higher Education Contact Information for the Microsoft Contract
    *For Healthcare and Medical Center related requests please contact

    Email requests for quotes to
    Software House International
    290 Davidson Avenue
    Somerset, NJ 08873

    Sales Information - Higher Education

    Erik Michael Schroeder
    VA Account Executive – Higher Education
    Phone: (732) 564-8217
    Phone: (800) 527-6389 ext. 8217
    Fax: (732) 564-8218

    Justin Siegel
    Inside Account Manager
    Phone: (888) 764-8888

    Helaina Cohen
    Inside Account Manager
    Phone: (888) 764-8888

    Gabriella Totino
    Inside Account Manager
    Phone: (888) 764-8888

Ellucian Master Agreement (Banner)

The master agreement is a term contract for the purchase of Banner software, maintenance and IT services. The use of the Ellucian (formerly Sungard Higher Education, Inc.) master agreement is limited to the Commonwealth of Virginia institutions of higher education named in the contract.