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March 2014

Table of Contents

Procurement Services

Annual Training for P-Cardholders and Reviewers

To ensure that Cardholders and Reviewers have a basic understanding of the University's P-card policies and procedures, each person must successfully complete an Annual On-line Knowledge Test with a passing score of 90 points or higher. This training must be completed by the Cardholder and Reviewer by March 24, 2014 or your charge card privileges may be revoked. Anyone who has successfully completed this training since December 24, 2013 has met the training requirement.

Please go to to access the course under "My Courses" (everyone has already been enrolled).

Questions can be directed to or you may contact one of the Program Administrators, Thelma Stockton 8-4232 or Lena Massie 8-3407.

New Travel Management Services RFP

University support was granted for the resulting Travel Management Services contract to be mandatory-use for VCU employees purchasing airline and rail tickets for official business using University funds. Proposals were received in December and oral presentations were held in early February. The Evaluation Committee unanimously decided to conduct a second round of oral presentations that are scheduled for early March.

In this time of transition, Procurement Services continues to recommend working with a travel agency. Procurement Services does not endorse or recommend a specific agency, but recognizes the benefits these agencies can provide to all business travelers and their departments.

If you have any questions, please contact Sarah O’Neill at

Procurement Services Classes

Procurement Services offers many different classroom and online training opportunities. A full list and brief description of each class can be found on the Procurement Services website under Training and Support Services.

To register for available classroom classes, go to Choose “Office of Procurement Services” under “Sponsor”. Select the appropriate class and follow the instructions to register. Please note: Registrants are encouraged to keep an eye on their e-mail in the week preceding a class. Low registration numbers will result in a class cancellation.

To access classes available on Blackboard, go to using your VCU eID and password and click on the “Courses” tab in the top row. Search by the class title.

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Business Services


Opening on April 07, 2014 at 930 West Grace Street (between Harrison and Shafer Streets on the Monroe Park Campus), RamTech is VCU’s new retail technology destination. Operated by VCU Business Services, RamTech is an Apple® Authorized Campus Store and features a showroom of both Apple and Dell computers along with a large selection of accessories and computing peripherals. VCU’s repair service, fixIT, will also have a service counter conveniently located inside RamTech.

The new store is open to all VCU faculty, staff, students, and newly accepted students, and will sell all computers at academic prices. The staff at RamTech is available to help order in-stock or custom systems for in-store pickup or UPS delivery.

We hope you’ll join us for RamTech’s grand opening on March 24, between 9am and 6pm. Throughout the day there will be food, entertainment, prizes (including a Venue 8 Tablet, provided by Dell), exclusive discounts, and more.

RamTech store hours are 9am-6pm, Monday through Thursday, and 9am-5pm Friday. More information about the store and its services will be available later in March at, and the RamTech staff can be reached at or (804) 828-8324.

© 2014 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

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Controller’s Office

Grants & Contracts Accounting/Effort Report Updates

FYI and further distribution!

Effective January 12, 2014, the NIH salary cap has been set at $181,500. This is an increase from the previous salary cap of $179,700. Please see notice for full details:

In Response to Your Question…

“I have a question about post 60 day transfers. I was always under the impression that in order to be in compliance, I had to request a cost transfer or removal no more than exactly 60 days after the actual date that the charge was made. For example, if I realized an error on January 27, 2014, I could only go back to November 27, 2014 to make any corrections without asking for permission. Last week, you wrote to me the following:

Payroll 23 (11/25/2013-12/9/2013) would be reflected on the December 31, 2013 month-end report, thus not a post 60-day issue until after 3/2/2014.

Is this the case for all cost transfers? For example, if I wanted to go back to correct percentage of effort, at this point in time (January 27, 2014) I could go back to payroll 21 (October 25-November 9) because the payroll would not be reflected until the November 30, 2013 month-end report, which would allow us to make 60-day cost transfers until January 29, 2014 (60 days after November 30, 2013)? Am I thinking this through correctly?”

Answer: Cost transfers to sponsored program indexes may be made only within 60 days from the date of the month end Banner report on which the charge first appears. Any erroneous charges identified after 60 days can only be transferred to a non-sponsored program index. In addition, once an index closes and the final financial report has been submitted to the sponsor, no expenses may be charged to the closed index but must be funded elsewhere.

  • Reminder - All information, especially FACR codes, on New Banner index Create Memos should be reviewed upon receipt by Administrators for accuracy. Any corrections needed must be communicated immediately to the G&C Accountant. Request for retroactive corrections will not be approved by the Controller Office.
  • Reminder - Post Doc and Graduate stipend/scholarship/award payments from sponsored projects cannot have all lines (all pay dates) on the purchase order “received” at the same time. The payments due from the P.O. on sponsored projects must be partially received to ensure that the resulting expenditure that posts in Banner based on the receiving action is not more than the actual stipend payment/s to be issued by VCU Accounts Payable on or near that date. Additionally, when establishing the payment schedule for the Trainee with Accounts Payable, the schedule should only be established initially to the end of the awarded budget period. This way the incorrect budget year index will not be erroneously charged.

Effort Reporting and ECRT Updates

When reviewing certifications, especially those certifiers which are highly sponsored funded (90% or greater), we need to be mindful of the certifiers’ activities during each certification period. For instance, did he/she work on new proposals or activities that did not directly benefit the listed grant(s)? OMB Circular A-21 has detailed explanations regarding direct and indirect costs. The Sponsored Project Activity Report located in the Management Category of the Reporting Tools in ECRT is a helpful tool that can assist with the monitoring of Highly Sponsored Funded certifiers. Please let Effort Reporting know if additional information is needed.

  • Your assistance is needed with the upcoming effort reporting deadlines:

    Quarterly certifications (period 09-10-13 to 12-09-13) are due by 03-14-14

    Semester certifications (period 08-10-13 to 12-24-13) are due by 03-21-14

    Semi-Annual certifications (period 06/10/13 to 12/09/13) are due by 04-21-14

    Quarterly certifications (period 06-10-13 to 09-09-13) were due by 12-14-13

    Semester certifications (period 05-10-13 to 08-09-13) were due by 11-14-13

    Semi-Annual certifications (period 12/10/12 to 06/09/13) were due by 10-21-13

  • Remember to conduct proactive reviews, communicate frequently with your faculty to verify the accuracy of their commitments, and to complete the processing of all ECRT cards assigned.

Other Effort Links:

Effort Reporting's website:
Helpful Tools:

Grants and Contracts Accounting/Effort Reporting extends our gratitude to you for all that you do to assist our office and to minimize non-compliance risks on sponsored programs at VCU. Please don’t hesitate to contact a G&C/Effort Reporting staff member if at any time you have questions that cannot be answered by content on the Controller/G&C website.

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ePrint Budget Reports

FGRBDSC and FGRODTA reports are now available on e~Print at

As you review the reports you may have questions concerning the data contained within them. Please briefly outline your questions on a Financial Inquiry and forward directly to the appropriate department via e-mail, fax, or campus mail. Remember that you can check the status of deposits or disbursements through the on-line inquiry screens.

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