April 2013

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Procurement Services

Chrome River goes live on April 15

Beginning Monday April 15, 2013 Travel Services will process requests with the following changes:

  • All mileage reimbursement requests will be reimbursed at the IRS allowable rate of .565 regardless of miles traveled. Departments may be more restrictive. Chrome River allows for the rate to be edited to accommodate budget restrictions, grant parameters, etc.
  • The travel day reduction for meal per diem will change to 75%. This calculation does not back out incidentals from the calculations. Chrome river is configured to reduce the travel day to 75% when selected.

Open Forums

You are invited to attend one of Procurement Services upcoming Open Forums. Two sessions will be held, one on each campus. Specific dates, times, and locations are as follows:

Tuesday April 9, 2013 – Monroe Park Campus, Commons Theatre from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Wednesday April 10, 2013 – MCV Campus, George Ben Johnston Auditorium from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Representatives from Procurement Services will be there to present various topics of interest including: VCU Passport go live; trademarks and licensing policy, year-end processing, electronic invoicing and punch-out catalogs. This is also an opportunity for faculty and staff to ask Procurement Services questions.

Fiscal Year-End Processing

To facilitate payment this fiscal year, all invoices, revenue refund vouchers and travel reimbursements must be submitted to Procurement Services by 4:30 p.m., on June 14. We will do our best to process all invoices that are delivered within this timeframe.

Departments are responsible for monitoring their accounts to ensure that necessary payments have been processed. Receiving may be entered into Banner until 2:30 p.m., June 28 and if the invoice is posted and matches properly with the receiving, the expense should hit your index this fiscal year. Receiving should not be completed until July for any payments that are to be expensed in FY14.

Journal Vouchers (JV) can be processed until 5:00 p.m., on June 28, providing all approvals have been completed.

All BOA Visa purchasing transactions posted from May 16 to June 14, 2013 will be posted in Banner this fiscal year provided the index code associated with the cardholder’s P-card is not frozen. All purchase transactions submitted to BOA Visa after June 14, 2013 will be paid next fiscal year.

Other deadline dates that affect FY13 processing:

June 25 is the last day to process changes to purchase orders in eVA.

June 27 is the last day to process purchase orders in eVA.

If you have any questions regarding fiscal year-end processing for Accounts Payable, please call Jamie Holcomb, 628-2877; for Travel and Reimbursement Services, please call Sarah O’Neill, 828-5056; for year-end purchase processing, please call Betty Lowther, 828-5954; and for P-card expenses, please call Lauren Franks, 828-5063.

Year End/HEETF Requirements

If your department has any requirement over your delegated authority that must be purchased, received and invoiced prior to year end it should be submitted immediately. Purchasing must have adequate time to appropriately procure your goods or services. Some products may not be available from the vendor to ship until weeks after the order is received so it is very important to plan ahead and submit your requisitions early. Requisitions approved by the department are assigned to a buyer within one day of receipt in Purchasing. If you have any questions regarding year end or HEETF purchases, please contact Betty Lowther (bmlowthe@vcu.edu or 8-5954).

Travel Update-VCU Passport

Procurement Services is excited to announce that this month the University will be going live with the new expense and reimbursement tool Chrome River! On April 15 all university personnel who process travel are asked to submit Travel Authorizations (TAs) and TERVS through Chrome River. It’s not too late to receive training as an arranger, approver, or traveler.

Starting April 15, university employees can access Chrome River at I want to get reimbursed through CR by signing in with their eIDs and passwords. Outstanding TAs as of April 15 do not need to be re-processed through the system. If a TA was completed prior to April 15, attach the approval documentation to the expense report. TERVs submitted after May 1 will kindly be returned to the department and asked to be re-submitted through Chrome River.

To give departments more options for booking, departments may use the P-Card for payment of air/rail business travel.

Details on transition information and system training can be found at I want to Learn about VCU Passport. Hands-on training will extend through April 19. Important information around approval flows and non-employee travel can be found in the Transition PowerPoint in the Related Documents. Procurement Services continues to revise this information as feedback is received, so please continue to check the website for the most recent information.

For specific questions related to VCU Passport, please contact Katie Kelly at 8-1078 or kellykm3@vcu.edu.

Booking Air/Rail Tickets

Effective May 1, 2013 the Agency Travel Card (ATC) will not be available for new travel bookings. Departments will have the option to purchase air and rail tickets with the P-Card, the Travel Card, or a personal credit card. The cardholder will also have the option to obtain an Air and Rail P-Card which can be used solely for booking air and rail travel. Specific guidance can be found in the Use a P-Card to Book Air and Rail Tickets section on Procurement Services website.

Should you have any questions, please contact Thelma Stockton (8-4232) or Lena Massie (8-3407).

Office Supply Contract: Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

Earth Day is Monday, April 22! Purchasing remanufactured toner benefits your department not only with substantial cost savings but also contributes to VCU’s overall sustainability efforts. Approximately 40% of OEM toner cartridges (Original Equipment Manufacturer, or “name-brand”), such as Hewlett Packard, have remanufactured counterparts available. Departments are strongly encouraged to purchase remanufactured cartridges instead of OEM cartridges when available.

The below chart shows three of VCU’s commonly purchased OEM toners with the savings from their remanufactured counterpart.

Name Brand






$79.07 (Ball)

ELI75434 (Ball)



$ 73.89 (GB)

S1GB05A (GB)




$79.59 (Ball)

ELI75576 (Ball)



$76.06 (GB)

S1OM04910 (GB)




$172.78 (Ball)

BSN38714 (Ball)



$145.12 (GB)

S1OM02922 (GB)




In Ball and Guy Brown’s punchout catalogs, remanufactured toner cartridges are displayed as alternate or suggested products when a name-brand toner is searched. Departments can also look up remanufactured toner part numbers by using the “Machine Matching” function on the Ball website. Additionally, departments may contact the sales representative for remanufactured counterpart information. Samples of remanufactured toner are available upon request by both companies.

Office Supply Contract: Office Max Retail Connect Card

This is a friendly reminder that purchases may be made through the Guy Brown contract at Office Max retail locations and require the use of the Retail Connect Card and P-Card. Departments can access the Retail Connect Card on the Procurement Services website using their VCU eID login.

Please contact Lauren Franks at lfranks@vcu.edu with any questions regarding the Retail Connect Card.

Trademarks and Licensing Policy

The University Trademarks & Licensing Policy is currently under a 30 day public review before being presented to University Council in April.  This policy's purpose is to promote and protect the University’s brand standards by ensuring proper usage of its name and symbols, including the quality and consistency of all merchandise bearing VCU marks.  All merchandise bearing one or more VCU marks must be produced by a VCU licensed vendor.  Revenue generated from this program supports and enhances many student programs and scholarships.  For questions regarding this policy and the Trademarks & Licensing Program, please contact Kristan Cole in Business Services at kmcole@vcu.edu.

Confirming Pcard Orders in eVA

When creating an order in eVA to a non-registered vendor using a Pcard, do not select State Entered Vendor. This will result in an error message indicating the vendor does not accept the Pcard. All non-registered vendor Pcard orders must select the \"New\" option to enter the vendor information. Pcard orders do not integrate with Banner, so no W-9 is required. Do not create \"State Entered Vendors\" for any Pcard orders.

Reminder of eVA PO categories

When selecting the po category in eVA reference the registration type.
Self Registered – coded as R01
State Entered – coded as R02 (Be sure to put the Banner V# in the non registered Vendor DUNS# box on each line item)
Non Registered – coded as X02 (on the eVA exempt list)

Punchout Catalogs & Electronic Invoicing

Procurement Services is working with several vendors to achieve efficiency in ordering and paying invoices, as well as ensuring departments are obtaining the correct contract pricing. The goal is to use the punchout catalogs in eVA which enables the vendor to receive/process the order, and issue the invoice electronically. Electronic invoices are loaded directly into Banner and do not require input by Accounts Payable. Currently, the vendors that are punchout are Dell, Santa Cruz and VWR.

In order to achieve success with this process it is necessary for eVA users to enter their orders using the punchout catalog. Information about electronic invoice vendors is located at: http://procurement.vcu.edu/i-want-to/pay-a-vendor/submit-an-invoice/. The vendors that require the use of punchout catalogs are designated on the electronic invoice list with “Punchout Catalog” designated by the vendor name. Also, it is important to note the special instructions for vendors that are denoted in red and underlined. The special instructions can be viewed by clicking on the vendor name or from the Related Documents field. http://procurement.vcu.edu/i-want-to/pay-a-vendor/submit-an-invoice/electronic-invoicing-vendors-special-instructions/

If you have questions, please contact Jamie Holcomb at jaholcomb@vcu.edu or 628-2877, or Betty Lowther at bmlowthe@vcu.edu or 828-5954.

Procurement Services Classes

Procurement Services offers many different classroom and online training opportunities. A full list and brief description of each class can be found on the Procurement Services website under Training and Support Services. http://procurement.vcu.edu/i-want-to/receive-training/

To register for available classroom classes, go to http://training.vcu.edu/. Choose “Office of Procurement Services” under “Sponsor”. Select the appropriate class and follow the instructions to register. Please note: Registrants are encouraged to keep an eye on their e-mail in the week preceding a class. Low registration numbers will result in a class cancellation.

To access classes available on Blackboard, go to http://blackboard.vcu.edu/ using your VCU eID and password and click on the “Courses” tab in the top row. Search by the class title.

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Controller's Office

Fixed Asset Inventory Reminder

All departmental fixed asset custodians should have received the certification letter from Fixed Asset Accounting on February 22. The certification letter requires the signature of the fixed asset custodian and the departmental fiscal administrator. By signing the form, you are certifying that you have reviewed the inventory and that it has been conducted accurately and in accordance with University’s policies and procedures. The certification for this year is due no later than May 24, 2013. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Connie Jefferson, at 828-0848 or ctjeffer@vcu.edu.

The University’s policies and procedures regarding fixed assets may be found at: http://www.controller.vcu.edu/finreporting/FixedAssetPolicies.pdf.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Salary Encumbrances

This is a reminder that the salary encumbrances began posting in Banner Finance on Friday, March 1. We are working with a group of administrators to test a report that will be added to the Labor Distribution folder in the Reporting Center. You will be able to run this for your department or subdepartment to see the detail of all encumbrance postings by org by person. Meanwhile, you can use NBIJLHS to view the encumbrance for an employee. If you have any questions, please contact the Banner Finance Help Desk at 828-0388.

FY13 Year-end Schedule

The FY13 year-end schedule has been posted on the Controller’s web site. It may be found at: http://www.controller.vcu.edu/finreporting/yrendschedule.pdf.

If you have any questions, please contact the Banner Finance Help Desk at 828-0388.

Access to the Research Dashboard

The Help Desk Ticket for access to Banner Finance has been modified to add a block to request access to the Research Dashboard. Please include the V number of the employee(s) who need access. If there are specific PIs that the administrator need access to, please list those.

Indirect Cost Codes on Grants

A new report, Indirect Cost for New Grants, has been added to the Finance folder in the VCU Reporting Center. This report contains: grant ID, fund, G&C accountant, principal investigator, budget period end and start date. Indirect cost rate, basis, charge account code and distribute to code are included. Report parameters are budget period start date and hierarchy level option for MBU, department, and sub-department. It should be used to monitor the indirect cost codes that are assigned to grants. Please remember that administrators are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of this data. If the incorrect indirect cost codes are not assigned to the fund, retroactive adjustments to correct revenue distributions will not be done. Please remember to use this report to monitor your funds on a timely basis.


Grant & Contracts Accounting/Effort Report Updates

  • The following Customer Service Team email addresses have been activated for improved communication with G&C Accounting:

Each team email address is intended to supplement the existing direct contact by administrators to a G&C Accountant, and should primarily be used when receiving an \"out of office\" email notification, or otherwise when an inquiry may be general in nature. Team email folders will be reviewed daily and emails directed appropriately. The link to the updated Customer Service Teams listing is:

  • Upcoming Brown Bag Sessions - Training in the follow compliance areas is being coordinated:

    ECRT - Held March 28, 2013

    Cost Share - TBD

    Program Income - TBD

    Close-out - TBD

    Details will follow as the specific dates and locations are identified.

  • Reminder - A cost share Index has a 1-to-1 relationship with a sponsored program index in Banner thus cannot be recycled or used again, even if the sponsored project has terminated.
  • Reminder - All information, especially FACR codes, on New Banner Create Memos should be reviewed upon receipt by Administrators for accuracy. Any corrections needed must be communicated immediately to the G&C Accountant. Request for retroactive corrections will not be approved by the Controller Office.

Effort Reporting and ECRT Updates

  • A new Blackboard Organization has been created for Effort Coordinators to assist with training and questions regarding the upgraded system. After logging into Blackboard at http://blackboard.vcu.edu/ Effort Coordinators will locate the Effort Reporting link under the \"My Organizations\" section in the lower right-hand side of the My Blackboard page. Guides, training videos, and a site map are available on that page to assist Effort Coordinators with transitioning to the new version of ECRT. Effort and ECRT training dates for 2013 are now available via the VCU Training site (http://training.vcu.edu). Please use the keyword “Effort”. If you have any questions please contact any Effort Reporting staff member or email effortreport@vcu.edu.
  • Your assistance is needed with the following upcoming effort reporting deadlines:

    Semi-Annual certifications (period 06/10/2012 to 12/09/2012) are due by 04-21-13

    Semester certifications (period 08-10-12 to 12-24-12) were due by 03-21-13

    Quarterly certifications (period 09-10-12 to 12-09-12) were due by 03-14-13

  • Remember to conduct proactive reviews, communicate frequently with your faculty to verify the accuracy of their commitments, and to complete the processing of all ECRT cards assigned.

Other Effort Links:
The new ECRT url is https://ecrtprod.asauxweb.vcu.edu/ecrt
Effort Reporting's website: http://www.controller.vcu.edu/grants/effort.htm
Helpful Tools: http://www.controller.vcu.edu/grants/ECRThelpfultools.html
FAQs: http://www.controller.vcu.edu/grants/ECRTfaq.html

Thank you from the entire Grants and Contracts Accounting/Effort Reporting Staff to all Administrators for your continued efforts toward research compliance.

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ePrint Budget Reports

FGRBDSC and FGRODTA reports are now available on e~Print at https://eprint.asauxweb.vcu.edu/cgi-bin/eprint.cgi.

As you review the reports you may have questions concerning the data contained within them. Please briefly outline your questions on a Financial Inquiry and forward directly to the appropriate department via e-mail, fax, or campus mail. Remember that you can check the status of deposits or disbursements through the on-line inquiry screens.

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