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December 2012

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Procurement Services

Winter Closing Payment Processing Schedule

All paperwork must be received in Procurement Services by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, December 10, 2012 to facilitate payment processing before Winter Closing. Procurement Services will make every effort to process all travel reimbursements, independent contractor agreements, personal reimbursements, post docs, revenue refunds, and vendor invoices received by that date before Winter Closing (provided all appropriate documentation is received in Procurement Services and the receiving report is entered in Banner).

If you have any questions regarding the Winter Closing processing schedule, please contact Jamie Holcomb ( at 628-2877.

eVA State Entered Vendors (R02) - Update

When creating an R02 order in eVA, the vendor must exist in eVA and as well as Banner. If the vendor is not in either system, a W-9 will need to obtained from the vendor and sent to Procurement Services will create the vendor in both Banner and eVA. If the vendor exists in Banner, but not in eVA send an email with the vendor name and Banner V# to Procurement Services will create the vendor in eVA. This change does not affect how P-card, R01, and X02 orders are entered in eVA.

Please allow at least 48 hours to have the vendor created in the system(s). Once created, you will receive an email notification from Procurement Services.

Correct PO categories:
Self Registered - coded as R01
State Entered - coded as R02 (Be sure to put the Banner V# in the non registered Vendor DUNS# box on each line item)
Non Registered - coded as X02 (eVA exempt list)

If you have any questions please contact Patricia Shazer 828-5067,, Jackie Glover 828-0903,, or Marvin Lee 828-6977,

Sole Source Revisions

In an effort to obtain the required information for sole source procurements from departments, the sole source form has been revised. Purchasing has introduced these revisions to streamline the process and focus the department specifically on the documentation needed to support this method of procurement. Information and links to the form are available at:

If you have questions, please contact Betty Lowther at or 828-5954.

Airport Shuttle Services

James River Transportation has the current contract with the Richmond Capital Region Airport Commission to provide shuttle services to and from Richmond International Airport (RIC). They have a counter and office located on the first floor of the airport staffed 24/7 to serve customers. Drivers and vehicles are operating at all times. Reservations can be made:

The current fixed rate for private vehicle shuttle service to and from our campus to RIC is:

  • $35.00 (plus gratuity) for a sedan that seats 2-3 people with luggage
  • $45.00 (plus gratuity) for a van that seats up to 9 people with luggage

For individuals making arrangements for guests to the university, you may want to request an exception to allow the charge(s) to be made on your P-Card. Please email to obtain information on requesting an exception.

If you have questions, please contact Betty Lowther at or 828-5954.

P-Card Training And Test

The deadline for the P-card annual re-certification test was November 16. If you have missed the deadline, please notify Katie Kelly at 8-1078 or as soon as possible. Failure to take the recertification test will result in suspension of the P-card.

Purchasing Department Visits

Individuals are encouraged to consider requesting a department visit from a member of the buying staff if you have questions or want guidance regarding your purchasing requirements. New employees whose responsibilities involve interaction with the buying staff may benefit from a visit. A buyer can come to your location and discuss general procurement or you can ask for specific guidance regarding a specific topic such as copier rentals, hotel contracts, furniture purchase, etc. If a department wants University Purchasing to address a group of individuals we're happy to do that as well. These visits generally result in establishing improved communications and facilitates building meaningful working relationships.

Please contact Betty Lowther or any member of University Purchasing to schedule a visit

New Mileage Rates 2013

Effective January 1, 2013, the mileage rate set by the IRS for reimbursement will be $.565 per mile. This is a change from the current rate of $.555. The new rate only applies to travel that occurs January 1, 2013, or after. The old rate will remain in effect for all mileage reimbursements with travel dates prior to January 1, 2013.

Moving and Relocation Submission Reminder

As a reminder, all Moving and Relocation requests must be submitted via campus mail or dropped off at our office. Any requests sent to may delay payment. All Moving and Relocation requests, including requests to pay the vendor on a Purchase Order for common carrier or storage expenses, must include an Employee Moving and Relocation Expense Information form and the Moving and Relocation Agreement form. If the request is for a reimbursement to the employee, the Travel and Food Expense Reimbursement Voucher is also required.

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Controller’s Office

Grants & Contracts Accounting/Effort Report Updates

Thank you for your patience during our recent location to Biotech!

  • Sponsored Program Receipt of Checks at G&C - Effective immediately checks which are brought to the Grants and Contracts Accounting Office must be accompanied by the VCU Deposit/Receipt Form located on the Treasury Services website:
    The details of each check are to be written on the Deposit/Receipt form; if they are too numerous to list, a copy of the check log must be attached.
    This consistent approach will help ensure that checks brought to G&C are deposited into the appropriate sponsored fund and provide proper source documentation for future reference as needed. This requirement will also reduce the number of check deposits that presently go into suspense. Please be aware that any cash deposits must only be made at the Cashier Office within Treasury Services.

Effort Reporting And ECRT Updates

Congratulations to the Technology Services Office of Administrative Systems and to the Effort Reporting staff within G&C for all the teamwork resulting in the recent successful upgrade to ECRT v4.1. Please note that the new ECRT url is A new Blackboard Organization has been created for Effort Coordinators to assist with training and questions regarding the upgraded system. After logging into Blackboard at Effort Coordinators will locate the Effort Reporting link under the \"My Organizations\" section in the lower right-hand side of the My Blackboard page. Guides, training videos, and a site map are available on that page to assist Effort Coordinators with transitioning to the new version of ECRT. If you have any questions please contact any Effort Reporting staff member or email

  • Your assistance is needed with the following upcoming effort reporting deadlines*:
    Semester certifications (period 05-10-12 to 08-09-12) were due by 11-14-12
    Quarterly certifications (period 06-10-12 to 09-09-12) are due by 12-14-12
    Semi-Annual certifications (period 12/10/2011 to 6/9/2012) were due by 10-21-12
  • Remember to conduct proactive reviews, communicate frequently with your faculty to verify the accuracy of their commitments, and to complete the processing of all ECRT cards assigned.

Other Effort Links:
The new ECRT url is
Effort Reporting's website:
Helpful Tools:

Thank you from the entire Grants and Contracts Accounting/Effort Reporting Staff to all Administrators for your continued efforts toward research compliance. Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

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ePrint Budget Reports

FGRBDSC and FGRODTA reports are now available on e~Print at

As you review the reports you may have questions concerning the data contained within them. Please briefly outline your questions on a Financial Inquiry and forward directly to the appropriate department via e-mail, fax, or campus mail. Remember that you can check the status of deposits or disbursements through the on-line inquiry screens.

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